Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Suspension Straps

I've had a nagging knee injury lately, and have not been able to ride my bike as much as I want, so I have given suspension training a try.  I bought the Rip 60 suspension strap kit which promises to "fire your core".  Sounds a bit idiotic, but after you can figure out how the hell to put the straps up, it tends to work pretty well.   I see all kinds of these things popping up now, Lifeline, TRX, Fitdeck, etc.  The Rip 60 came with some DVDs and a nutrition guide, so it is supposedly more inclusive, although I've noticed that the price has been dropping with each new product I see.  I think they are ok, cheaper than a gym, but I am really itching to get back on the bike.


1 comment:

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